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Enthusiast - a person who is filled with enthusiasm (joy, passion, excitement) for some principle, p

Enthusiast - a person who is filled with enthusiasm (joy, passion, excitement) for some principle, pursuit, etc.

This isn’t a new word to us here at Lake Escape, but it takes on a new context when you learn that avid fans of escape rooms, the groupies, the kings and queens of leaderboards, are known, in “insider terms,” as escape room enthusiasts. We would like to say that this is what we are. We enthusiastically play as many games as we can, create the best puzzles that we can, and spend far too much time brainstorming new ways to entertain and challenge our customers.

We have been blessed to be able to bring this enthusiasm to the lake area. As business owners for the first time, we are excited and nervous, determined and scared, None of us have been down this road, but our enthusiasm has driven us forward.

The stars had to align just so for this to work. And they did! (So far) Our amazing location picked us. Having looked at many different places around the lake, we were sure that the strip was the only place for us. As Dianne, from Iguana Water Sports, walked us into what is now our place of business, we realized that our search was over. From the entrance, to the facade, the parking lot, the location, and the history, right on the beautiful Bagnell Dam Strip, we fell in love. We didn’t even need help in choosing the rooms. The designs, already in place in the rooms, instantly gave homes to our ideas for Water Wall and Lost at Sea. This place was perfect, it was our only option, and now it is our home.

The puzzles and clues, inside each of our rooms, come from years of escape room experience, and the firsthand experiences of our core group of designers. We had so much help from Shaun McDonald, with Ozark Mountain Woodworks, on the creation and implementation of our ideas! He was there to let us know what was possible, to reign us in when we dreamed too big, and to throw in many of the designs and details that have come to be both staff and customer favorites. We spent months designing the rooms, and doubt started to creep into our minds as designers. Are these rooms any good? Will guests understand the puzzles? Will they be FUN? As we struggled with these anxieties, a good friend, Craig Allen, Ol’ Kenny’s boy, came in and became a permanent fixture on our team. His fresh ideas, and feedback on the existing games, breathed confidence and life into the design of the rooms. We poured our hearts and minds into countless hours of construction, design, and the setup of what seemed like miles of cabling, and the rooms came to life. The ride to this point has been nothing short of epic, and we could not have done it without the additions of our teammates. Thanks for everything, Craig and Shaun!

So, to you, the customers, the ones we are hoping to share our enthusiasm with, let us express how excited we are to bring family friendly fun to the strip. We want to offer a challenging and legendary experience, one that will have you and your family enthused to be part of the world of escape and puzzle rooms. We hope that our enthusiasm will be contagions and leave you, as you leave Lake Escape, with the same sense of challenge, accomplishment, competition, teamwork, and … enthusiasm … that we have found in escape rooms!

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