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If you’re reading this, it means that I am no longer alive.

Probably from the hands of people who did not understand that kind of work that I….that we were doing. People have a tendency to fear that which they do not understand. Years and years of research, development, experimentation and failure have taken their toll on me. I knew this day would eventually come and I want my legacy to be what I’ve left creation. Perhaps I shouldn’t have meddled with nature such as I did, but seeing his fingers move...his eyes open...there truly was no greater feeling. As of this recording, my creation isn’t near ready for the world, but if I truly am gone...


I don’t trust anyone else to continue my research. Not even you.


While you my loyal and trusted assistants in this whole process, there were still many things I kept from you. One of those things I kept from you was that there was an activation of my creation upon my immediate demise - regardless of how ready for the world he was. I cannot say how safe the world will be from him once he is activated. Tests up until this point had proven to be quite...volatile. His completion of activation would prove to be rather dangerous for your survival should you be there when he arises. I am not a man without compassion though. Your loyalty and dutifulness throughout this whole process will be somewhat rewarded.


The activation of my creation is on a countdown. Once the timer hits zero, he will arise and lord help anyone in his path that happens. You will all have one hour to escape my lab and get as far away from my creation as possible. While you should be somewhat familiar with your surroundings, there are many things in there that are not as they seem. I will, however, help you get started on your escape. I have left my medical dictionary on the bookshelf in the room. Find that book and go the page about the most important organ in the body.


You have one hour.


Good luck and thank you for all your work.


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